Pay TV: Wednesday, July 4

Pay TV: Wednesday, July 4

Teen Wolf, Fox8, 7.35pm
Nanjing Night Net

THERE is no basketball in this Teen Wolf, just lacrosse. And an awful lot of psycho dads. But there is about to be one fewer of those. New-kid-in-school Isaac (Daniel Sharman) runs off into the night after his father physically abuses him. Psycho dad gives chase, but meets a bloody, squelchy end at the fangs of a monstrous creature strong enough to rip the door off his car. Is Isaac yet another teenage werewolf? It looks that way, but he is also a suspect in his father’s murder, which means the police are going to lock him up – over the full moon. It is up to teenage werewolf Scott (Tyler Posey), older wolf Derek (7th Heaven’s Tyler Hoechlin) and teenage non-wolf Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) to try to spring him before he goes full lycan in his cell. The problem is that the Argent clan of werewolf hunters is also after him. Meanwhile, Lydia (Holland Roden) is back in school after her hospital freakout and naked walkabout in the woods, but it is unclear whether she will become a werewolf. Teen Wolf is decent B-grade fun that seems to have the good sense not to take itself too seriously.

Freddie Flintoff versus the World, Nat Geo Adventure, 9.30pm

Cricket legend Andrew Flintoff and his former England teammate Darren Gough head to Mexico to try their hand at paintball paragliding.

Justified, FX, 8.30pm

Humpbacks: Inside the Pod, Nat Geo Wild, 8.30pm

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