Car-stealing arsonists risk death

Car-stealing arsonists risk death

CAR-stealing arsonists are risking death.
Nanjing Night Net

That is the fear of police and fire authorities in response to the latest spree of vehicle torchings.

A car thief’s attempt to destroy the proof of their crime could end their own life or someone else’s, Albury police’s Insp John Wadsworth said.

“They want to hide the evidence of what they’ve done,” Insp Wadsworth said.

“But what they don’t realise is that any flammable stuff with cars can really explode.”

Albury Civic fire station captain John Vandeven said death and serious injury were always a serious threat, especially if they used something like petrol to fuel the flames.

“They could get accelerant on themselves and then there’s a huge potential for them to ignite themselves as well,” he said.

“When you’ve got something that’s got a fuel tank, a lot of fuel, it depends on where they put the vehicle.

“If it’s near a building or something like that, they endanger other people as well.”

Often they were not smart enough to understand the ramifications of what they were doing.

Mr Vandeven said these people were trying to set something on fire, but have no idea how to do it.

“In any case where there’s arson, you’ve always got a chance of harming yourself,” he said.

Setting a car or motorbike on fire somewhere such as Nail Can Hill presented problems you would not get in a built-up area.

“There is a potential there that when we get drier weather they could set the hill alight,” Mr Vandeven said.

“The other thing is being in such an isolated position, if something does happen to themselves or passers-by it might take some time for help to arrive.

“You’d have to get a four-wheel-drive ambulance up there if they got into trouble.

“And we’ve got to wait for a four-wheel-drive truck to go up there to put the fire out, so there’s a double-edge sword.”

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